Weston Seeding Stronger Communities

Giving Philosophy

We are committed to giving back to the communities where our customers, employees and shareholders live and work - locally, regionally and nationally-through donations of volunteer time by our employees, in-kind product and dollars. Our employees share our commitment to their communities, and participate in volunteer and fundraising activities through the Weston - Seeding Stronger Communities Campaign. For more information, please visit Employee Giving

We have recently shifted the focus of our giving into a new area: Seeding Food Innovation.

Climate change, population growth and human activity are putting enormous strain on the land, water and biodiversity resources in Canada and threaten our future well-being. At George Weston Limited and Loblaw Companies Limited, we believe that Canada can lead the way in sustainable food production that feeds our growing population with healthy, sustaining food without destroying our environment. We want to provide seed funding for rigorously scientific, trans-disciplinary research proposals that investigate food and health challenges that will impact primarily Canadians, but also deliver key learnings to solve issues of global concern.

Please refer to our Funding Guidelines for more information about this opportunity.

Also, applications are currently being accepted by our colleagues at Loblaw Companies Limited.