Shareholder Information

George Weston Limited
22 St. Clair Avenue East
Toronto, Canada M4T 2S7
Tel: 416.922.2500

Stock Exchange Listing and Symbols

The Company’s common and preferred shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and trade under the symbols: “WN”, “WN.PR.A”, “WN.PR.C”, “WN.PR.D” and “WN.PR.E”.

Registrar and Transfer Agent

Computershare Investor Services Inc.
100 University Avenue
Toronto, Canada M5J 2Y1
Toll free: 1.800.564.6253 (Canada and U.S.)
Tel: 514.982.7555 (International direct dial)
Fax: 416.263.9394
Toll free fax: 1.888.453.0330

Please contact Computershare Investor Services Inc. to change your address, eliminate multiple mailings, or for other shareholder account inquiries.

Independent Auditors

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Chartered Accountants
Toronto, Canada