Our Operating Divisions

The experience and skills of our operating divisions are critical to executing our key initiatives and strategies. Our management team brings many years of experience to the leadership of Weston. In that time, they have developed in-depth knowledge and gained the experience necessary to successfully lead their respective operating divisions into the future.

Weston Foods

Luc Mongeau

President, Weston Foods and Interim President, Fresh

Mark Butler

Chief Administrative Officer, Weston Foods

Roy Benin

President, Maplehurst and ACE

Peter McLaughlin

President, Biscuit

Al Forsyth

Senior Vice President, Operations, Weston Foods

Linda Gillespie

Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Weston Foods

Loblaw Companies Limited

Galen G. Weston

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Sarah R. Davis

President, Loblaw Companies Limited

Darren Myers

Chief Financial Officer

Jocyanne Bourdeau

President, Discount Division

Robert Chant

Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Communication

Barry K. Columb

President, President’s Choice Financial

Gordon A. M. Currie

Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer

Ian Freedman

President, Joe Fresh

Mike Motz

Chief Operating Officer

Garry Senecal

Chief Customer Officer

Mark Wilson

Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Labour Relations

Rob Wiebe

Chief Administrative Officer

Jeff Leger

President, Shoppers Drug Mart

Greg Ramier

Executive Vice President, Market Division